It was the most beautiful start to a traverse we could have asked for – Hiking Brohm Ridge overlooking Squamish was a feast for the eyes and our souls after so much stress driving and planning and packing. It was so wonderful to just walk and enjoy the sunshine and the scenery.


Traversing around the stunning Mt.Garibaldi.


Some technical maneuvering on the ridge through cornices.


Crossing the wind hammered snow on the Warren glacier.


Settling in to our first cozy camp.


We awake to some new snow and moderate winds, making day two a little more interesting to navigate and the ski down the Sentinel Glacier a little nauseating in the whiteout.


The weather improves by the afternoon but we set up our shelter to get out of the biting wind for lunch.


Day 3 we awake to another gorgeous but cold morning


Our lunch break attracts some curious visitors that mistake my new “traverse haircut” for a nesting ground.


We are excited to reach the Black Tusk and begin our descent to Whistler – the only decent skiing we see on this section of the traverse as the alpine is all hard windslab and sastrugi.


We arrive at the highway at Function Junction after dark, tired and sore. Our hopes of hitching a ride back to Squamish are diminished as we vainly try to thumb a ride from the poorly lit intersection. We watch driver after driver firmly avoid eye contact. Suddenly out of the blue the wonderful Christine and Anton stop to pick us up; a couple of bedraggled smelly hitch hikers with massive packs and skis, and let us pile into their splendidly warm mini van. Best of karma and hugs to them!

40 km down, 2260 km (give or take) to go! Next stop Bella Coola…

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